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Understanding Publicity, Part 2: The Who, What, Why, When and How.

November 7th, 2007 · No Comments

Our guest blogger Murry Shohat is back with Part 2 in the series, Understanding Publicity. Let’s get to it.

Publicity spread the wordIn Understanding Publicity, Part 1, I mentioned that with advertising, you pay for space and time. With publicity, you mostly PRAY for space and time. The reason is simple: there is a sort of “church/state” separation or wall that is firmly in place in western journalism. You can buy ads but you can’t buy a news story. You can pay for a TV or radio commercial but you can’t throw dollars at a reporter for coverage, not in any media that’ll help your business. Online, you can pay for incoming links to increase your page ranking in major search engines, but many experts, and even Google frowns upon this type on insincere and inorganic form of website publicity.

If you study the media, you’ll learn that good editorial content receives five to twenty times more attention than advertising content. On the web especially, content is king. We sometimes mute commercials, or skip them, right? We do the same for interruptive flash banner ads. We usually read a newspaper for news and features, barely noticing the ads. Thus, if you can get editorial attention, it’s worth the effort because the attention provides leverage. Sitting on top, like whipped cream, is the endorsement value of publicity.

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How to Hire a Website or Blog Designer and Be a Good Client

November 5th, 2007 · No Comments

As Featured On Ezine ArticlesSo you need a website or a blog and haven’t the faintest idea how to go about choosing the best one for you or your business? My best advice to you, speaking as a small business owner, a website and blog designer, and well, a human being is know what you want your website or blog to accomplish first and then start your search. Why? Well, it will cost you less in time and money. You won’t have to do as much research for one. And second, the designer or firm you hire will spend less billable hours talking with you and redoing whatever it is you want undone or adding whatever it was you forgot to mention for your website or blog to meet your needs.

Ultimately, when you’re looking to hire a designer, developer or firm to design your website or blog, know your needs and know your wants, then get a reality check. In writing school we were always told to “kill your babies”. Meaning, get rid of the part of our story or article that we love too much, so much that everything else suffers or so much that we get stuck. My advice to you individuals and businesses who are looking to get a website or blog created, make a list of your needs first, your wants second. Keep those things that overlap, keep the rest of the needs, put the rest of the “wants” in your pocket for a rainy day…or until your budget expands to support these wants.

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Understanding Publicity and How to Get It: Part 1

November 1st, 2007 · No Comments

Today’s guest post comes from a long-time San Francisco Bay Area freelance writer and journalist, Murry Shohat. For over 20 years, Murry has been writing and providing PR and marketing services for technology and media firms. I figured Murry could enlighten us on how to publicize our small businesses and make us all famous and wealthy…maybe.

Small business owners tell me that marketing is one of the most difficult things to figure out. Energy flows in new and even mature small businesses emanate from the competency of the owner. Whether you are a chef, retailer, mechanic, accountant, e-bay lister, dentist, inventor, software developer, entertainer or what-have-you, marketing is not high on your list of new things to master. In fact, marketing often gets after-thought attention. And that’s a shame because winning new customers (and keeping current ones) is the chief focus of marketing. Done properly, proactive marketing becomes the lifeblood of the business, oxygenating every aspect.

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