Another Version of WordPress is here, WordPress 2.6

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WordPress 2.6

Three upgrades in less than a couple of months is a little annoying, but WordPress aims to please so I forgive. Anyway, the latest greatest version of WordPress is here, WordPress 2.6. There are quite a few little fixes, but I’ll highlight the major ones that are the most useful to most of us:

  1. Press This! When editing or writing your post, notice on the right sidebar “Shortcuts”. Under that and after the text, there’s an underlined link called “Press This”. Drag and drop it into your bookmarks bar. Once on your bookmarks bar, you can click on it and a cute little window pop ups with none other than your writing dashboard so you can post to your blog from whatever website you’re on. You have the option of posting text, photo, video and a quote. You can categorize them and ad tags as usual. Fabulous, huh! Now, I don’t even have to use Scribfire anymore.
  2. You can now preview a new theme before choosing to activate it. Love it. The less back-end fiddling with front end results, the better. I like to be the Wizard of WordPress behind the curtain.
  3. You can now track edits and compare changes to your posts by different authors or the same author. Under manage, choose a published post and scroll all the way down to the bottom and select “Post revisions”. Select a version to look at, listed by author. Choose one. It shows you that version you selected and then at the bottom, is a list of all edits/revisions of the post by that author, listed by date. And, not only can you compare all revisions or as many as you want, you can also choose to restore any past revisions. Fabulous!
  4. You can now know how many words each post contains before and after publishing. On the right sidebar, under the Save/Publish buttons you can view your word count as you type. Awesome!
  5. Ooh, I love this feature: Now you can add a caption to each image AND when you hover over the image after inserting, a little menu window pops up to click on to edit the image. The advance settings lets you even change the class, styles, title, size etc. in one window. Lovely!
  6. Plugin update bubble, like the comments bubbly, notifies you of how many plugins have new updates you can automatically install through the plugins management page.

Check out The WordPress Blog for more about what 2.6 has to offer. Upgrading from 2.5 to 2.6 should be easy since the two are identical as far as the core files.

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