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Choosing the Right Elements for Your Website or Blog

December 1st, 2007 · No Comments

You ever see a website or blog that looks so fabulous, you think, that’s what I need for a kick-arse web presence? You know those sites with a billion cool looking social bookmark plugins & apps, mini Flash animations, crazy animated navigation bars, video, audio, really cool dynamic picture galleries, very shiny design, funky tag displays and so on. I admit, as a web and blog designer, I suffer from “site envy” whenever I stumble upon a really great, dynamically jam-packed site or perusing the amazing site designs posted on sites like CSS Remix. It’s natural to feel a little envious. But, I remember what I need to remember before the envy erodes my common sense: simplicity and distinction trumps complicated and shiny.

You ever noticed that the most simple ideas are the most profitable? Shoe laces? First generation of MP3 players? Netflix? Underwear? The point is, no matter how dynamic and full of bells and whistles, your site visitors need one thing above else, relevant and easy to find information about whatever they’ve come to your site to read, see, purchase or hear. Of course, giving them a little somethin’ extra, goes a long way too. But, don’t over do it. Focus!

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Cool Sites (2)

October 30th, 2007 · No Comments

Another installment of cool sites to visit:

TubetorialTubetorial: Tubetorial is a great new website that shows video tutorials on web development tips and ticks of all kinds and how to do this and that on WordPress. It’s a great site for us visual learners. It’s quite easy to navigate and find videos. Tubetorial is also a new site so they’re building their inventory. You can also sign up for an rss feed or get the latest tips and tricks via email. Damn I love the web!

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The New Generation of Online Learning - (Free) Visual Tutorials

October 19th, 2007 · No Comments

When I took online courses at, my friends and family looked at me cross eyed like they couldn’t understand how that could work. They also couldn’t understand how I could pay money for classes at a school with no actual physical location. Well, Sessions does have a corporate office, just no classrooms or faculty lounges. Fortunately I learned a long time ago to ignore the neigh sayers and do what I need to do to get where I need to go. I also learned that times have changed, and our methods of learning should change too. Plus, it’s not like I had a clone of myself lying around to take courses for me in the afternoons while I worked. Though online schools and courses are offered on every corner of the Internet, it still raises eyebrows and contorts faces. And even though, I can readily admit that being in a class room is preferable, I really benefited from taking courses online through Sessions and later, Academy of Art in San Francisco. You’re forced to pay attention, and heaven forbid, read! You’re forced to take initiative. And, you set your own pace, for the most part.

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Cool Sites

October 10th, 2007 · No Comments

I found a couple of cool websites sites recently that I’d love to share with y’all. <—-Yes, I know that’s not a word.

Happy WebbiesHappy Webbies: I love all things contrary. I especially love things that are both adorable and sarcastic, like Jim Benton’s It’s Happy Bunny books and merchandise. So, I was pleasd to discover this morning, a British take on the Bunny series called Happy Webbies. You can download 4 posters of cartoonized web design gurus Andy Budd, Andy Clarke, John Hicks and Jeremy Keith, all Brits, with funny webbie puns. Why, would I want to, you ask. Well, perhaps it’s time to give that desktop wallpaper of a topless Jake Gyllenhaal (scuse me while I catch my breath) or a scantily clad Jessica Alba, a rest. Just a thought.

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