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Effective Communication on the Internet

October 15th, 2007 · No Comments

As Featured On Ezine ArticlesI came across a couple of articles at SCIAM and TechCrunch about Zlango, a new Israeli company that created a new language and associated application for SMS (short message sending) or, what we call text-messaging. The language is based on icons like Yahoo! smilies where each icon stands for a word so you can form picture sentences and send them to people via cell phones. Zlango has now created online picture messaging. Zlango Composer is a Flash based translator that translates what you type on your keyboard into Zlango’s picture language. Your messages can be sent to an email address or shared via community sites. Zlango’s zMess also lets you share your picture messages on your private blog or the public blog at the site. Anyway, this new language got me wondering, how do we effectively communicate on the web? The SCIAM article mentioned Zlango was not yet as rich as Esperanto, a universal lanugage that is apparently spoken by over two million people across the world and was founded by a Polish physician in 1887. Have you heard of this? Where have I been? Anyway, this Esperanto got me thinking even more about the problem of effective communication online. What problem? We take for granted that Internet users have the same habits offline that they do online. Seriously, we do.

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