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October 30th, 2007 · No Comments · Category: (Web) Technology · Innovation · Tools

Another installment of cool sites to visit:

TubetorialTubetorial: Tubetorial is a great new website that shows video tutorials on web development tips and ticks of all kinds and how to do this and that on WordPress. It’s a great site for us visual learners. It’s quite easy to navigate and find videos. Tubetorial is also a new site so they’re building their inventory. You can also sign up for an rss feed or get the latest tips and tricks via email. Damn I love the web!

NingNing: Ning is the only online service where you can create, customize, and share your own Social Network for free in seconds. Poles Apart staff belongs to a few of the networks. It really is a great place to create a network without too much difficulty. You can also customize the designs a little, for free. Or totally redesign it, for a fee. Check it out.

Studio NowStudio Now: This site makes it easy and affordable to turn your photos and videos into movies at $30/hour for video and 10 cents per photo. Not bad!

PostgenomicPostgenomic: This is sort of a directory of science blogs. Postgenomic collects posts from hundreds of science blogs and then does useful and interesting things with that data. Pretty cools site!

Southwest airlines blogSouthwest Airlines Blog: I just like the title (”Nuts About Southwest”) and design of this blog (an open bag of airplane peanuts). It’s cool that corporations are leveraging the power of the blog. Go Southwest!

HTML GoodiesHTML Goodies: I learned HTML years ago using this website. The tone is conversational and playful. You learn a lot without feeling like your head might explode. Thanks Joe Burns!

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