How to Blog (Using WordPress)

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How to blog?

How does one go about blogging? Well, first read Poles Apart Design’s article What is a Blog? Why Should I Blog? Who Blogs? This article should especially help you in deciding if you should blog and why. Now that you’ve decided to blog, you want to know how to go about it. Well, here’s a somewhat comprehensive list on how to blog:

  • Decide on your subject matter and tone. Let’s say you’re an artist looking to display her works, inform people about your shows and your opinions about given art topics relevant to the type of art you do. Decide whether your tone of your posts are humorous, stern, whatever. Just be consistent.
  • Pick a relevant domain name. Buy your domain as soon as possible. They sell like hotcakes. Visit,, or
  • Decide on a blog platform. In our article Why the Web Works for Artists, we go into some detail on choosing your blogging platform. I’d suggest just going with WordPress. It’s free, robust, intuitive and has a very large support system. It’s also simple to use and very, very flexible.
  • Find a web host. Read our recent article How to Find a WordPress Blog Web Host. Keep in mind that some web hosts like Lunarpages give you a free domain name for life. It is easier anyway to get a domain name with your web host rather than a separate domain name hosting company. It’s up to you. You may find it beneficial to have a separate domain name hosting company to manage numerous domain names especially if you use more than one web host for different websites and blogs as I do. But, as I say, it’s up to you.
  • Find a WordPress theme or WordPress theme blog designer. Your site design should reflect your subject and your tone. Check out WordPress’s theme database or contact Poles Apart Design for a custom WordPress blog designed for you. Read the following articles to help you plan the design and content of your WordPress blog:
  • Sign up with a blog analytics site like Performance Metrics or check out this list at Top Rank Blog.
  • Write at least 5-10 articles to publish the day or week you launch your blog. Many bloggers suggest publishing a lot more to launch a blog, but I say start with 5-10 or more. The most important thing is to publish at least twice a week for the next 3 or so months to gain readership.
  • Make a list of topics for the next few weeks. This will help you decide what to right and how and when to do research, if necessary.
  • Let people and other sites know about your blog by submitting articles to sites like Technorati or Ezine Articles. Tell all your friends and family to read and comment and Digg your articles. Make sure your site is getting “pinged” to all the major blog tracking sites. All you have to do is add the sites listed at WordPress to the few that are already listed in the Options > Writing panel of your WordPress blog administration area. Get links to your blog or specific articles however way you can. Add links to your blog or articles to your other websites. Trade links with other bloggers. Make relevant and sincere comments on other bloggers blog articles. Be creative in promoting your blog as you would a website or yourself.
  • Write as often as you can and with purpose. Above I suggested writing at least 2 articles a week for the first 3 or more months. Your articles don’t have to long and they don’t have to be text only. Post a relevant image and comment on it. Post a relevant video or a podcast. Write short reviews where applicable. You get my meaning. At my Film Tops blog, I post movie trailers that I think are worth seeing. It keeps Film Tops fresh. That should be your goal. Keep your content fresh and relevant. Don’t spam your own blog by adding irrelevant content for the sake of keeping your blog fresh. You won’t gain readership that way, trust me.
  • Subscribe to sites like this and other sites like The Blog Herald to keep your blogging momentum going. If you’re looking to make money from your blog, checkout They’ve got great articles on how to make money from your blog through advertising and other means.

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  • 1 Lee Odden // Feb 10, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Great overview on blogging. It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes to new bloggers but is certainly worth the investment in time if one sticks to it.

    Another tip to consider is submitting the blog URL and RSS feed to the various blog and RSS search engines/directories. You can find good lists of those if you search for them on Google or visit this list:

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