New WordPress Themes You’ll Love (3)

April 22nd, 2008 · No Comments · Category: Design · WordPress

Below are some especially beautifully designed and conceptualized WordPress themes I think you’ll love.

Under Water

Under Water: Just look at it. This is a well conceptualized, simple and fun WordPress theme. Great use of a background png and one of few times I see a static background with scrolling content not seem amateurish and visually distracting. I also love how the post meta is like a little sidebar for each post.


Professor: Like the theme above, I like the post meta sidebar and the simplicity of Professor WordPress theme. The color scheme is a bit off somehow, or maybe the header is a bit too heavy somehow, but the overall design I really like. This theme could easily be used for a photoblog.

Themelab has an absolutely wonderful selection of beautiful an interesting WordPress themes. These are my 3 favorite from their current collection:

Clean Minimal

Clean Minimal: In blog design, I love simple clean and smart use of white space. Clean Minimal is definitely a great minimalist blog design.

WP Bipolar

WP Bipolar: Another lovely WordPress minimalist theme. I like how the “header” and navigation are on the left while the content is on the right. Also love the simple use of shadow gives the backgrounds of each post and the left border 3 dimensions.

WP Imagination

WP Imagination: This is just a clean, contemporary and well laid out WordPress theme. Love the little sidebars on the right, the use of asides, the color scheme and the slideshow at the bottom. Fabulous!

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