Our Love Affair With WordPress: Part 4 Episode 1 - Your Blog Design

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Step 6. Test Your Blog

After your blog is built, you must test it. Testing usually means making sure all the links go somewhere (and aren’t broken), the navigation from page to page makes sense, the content is written or embedded (if image, audio, or video) correctly, and so forth. A good idea is to ask your friends and family to go to the site and navigate through it. have them tell you what links are broken, if the navigation makes sense, and if they had any trouble at all with loading time. Also, very important, make sure they let you know which browser they’re using to view the site. Layout issues like images that don’t float around text, or borders that look funny are caused by browser incapabilities. Why everyone just doesn’t use Firefox is beyond me! But, that’s a discussion for another time.

You can also hire a focus group to test your blog to determine how easy or not it is to navigate. If you’ve got th budget for it, go for it. Just make sure your focus group reflects your target audience, of course.

Step 7. Launch Your Blog

After you fix all broken links, funky layout mishaps, and iron out navigation issues, it’s time to launch your site. This usually involves making it public if it was built on a private server, or simple telling people, search engines, the world that your site exists.

Next time on Our Love Affair With WordPress, we’ll continue with episode 2 of Part 4 - Your Blog Design where we discuss how specifically WordPress can help you enhance your blog design.

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