What Kind of Blogger are You?

March 4th, 2008 · No Comments

Yesterday I revived an old wordpress.com blog I let drift into obscurity. I decided to revive it because I needed an outlet for this particular topic. Anyway, this morning I thought, damn, now I have how many blogs to write for? I think having numerous blogs work for me because I like to write and blather on. But, I suspect not all bloggers like writing. Fortunately there are a few choices, or rather alternatives to article blogging like video blogging, link blogging, podcasting and photo blogging. What kind of blogger are you?

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The Internet, A New Frontier for Writers..and all of us

December 6th, 2007 · No Comments

If you don’t know, Hollywood writers are on strike. First it was Late Night TV shows like David Letterman and the Daily Show, then prime time TV production like The Office halted production. The last strike in 1988 lasted 22 days and cost production companies $500 million. This current strike “pits union writers, whose position has been eroded by reality television and galloping technological change, against studios and networks that are backed by big corporate owners. Ultimately, the two sides gridlocked over the writers’ insistence on a sharp increase in their residuals payments for the re-use of movies and shows on DVDs and on new payments for the distribution of such works on the Internet, over cell phones and elsewhere. Producers refused to boost the DVD payments and rebuffed demands related to electronic distribution, arguing that industry economics and still-shifting technology made accommodation impossible. ” (NY Times) This got me thinking, how do we define publishing given the numerous types of media used to display content on the Internet alone?

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