WordPress 2.6 Image Align Issue, Solution

August 8th, 2008 · No Comments

I like simplicity because of it’s elegance. Awkward moments and people, unnecessarily complicated tasks, and so forth are my pet peeves. With that said, when WordPress 2.6 came out and I noticed I couldn’t simply float left or right my images in my post, let’s just say I had a little “fit”. I love WordPress, but this is a silly bug that shouldn’t even exist. I could fix this by adding style="float:left;" to each image, but that could prove to be annoying after a while. So, here’s a simple solution. Add the default styles for the alignleft, alignright, etc. classes that WordPress assigns to your images when you click the left, right, center, etc. buttons anyway:

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Another Version of WordPress is here, WordPress 2.6

July 17th, 2008 · No Comments

WordPress 2.6

Three upgrades in less than a couple of months is a little annoying, but WordPress aims to please so I forgive. Anyway, the latest greatest version of WordPress is here, WordPress 2.6. There are quite a few little fixes, but I’ll highlight the major ones that are the most useful to most of us:

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