Take Your Blog Mobile

January 12th, 2008 · No Comments · Category: (Web) Technology · Blogging · Innovation · Tools

It’s always a good thing to give your blog readers as many options as possible to subscribe to your blog. RSS feed and email are the most common. But how about letting them subscribe using their mobile devices like a PDA.

You’ve got a couple of options. For one, there are a couple of WordPress plugins that can make your posts viewable on a mobile device:

WordPress PDA Plugin: Wordpress PDA plugin enables the wordpress blog viewable for PDA browsers. It is really simple plugin which detects the browser agent and loads a simple theme on fly. The plugin comes with a theme folder which acts like normal theme with all the functionality of wordpress theme.

WordPress Mobile Plugin: Your posts, pages, archives and comments can be viewed on a mobile device. Standards are supported, posts and comments can be submitted by phone

WordPress Mobile Edition Plugin: A PDA friendly interface for your blog. It’s (almost) XHTML compliant. You can see it in action by visiting this site in a mobile browser.

iPhone / Mobile Admin Plugin: Mobile Admin adapts the WordPress admin UI to be more friendly to mobile devices, specifically phones.

Or, you can just sign up with a mobile feed service like FeedM8 that not only publishes your articles on mobile devices for you, the feeds are optimized so they look good on mobile devices. All your blog readers would need is your sites unique FeedM8 URL. The only downside is that your posts are intermixed with text ads. But, it’s a good option anyway if you don’t want to do too much work, you can monetize your feed, send SMS text-alerts to notify your readers of new posts, check your blog traffic stats, and make your mobile site more accessible to mobile users and search engines, ensuring maximum benefit for your mobile traffic by adding a couple pieces of code to your blog. FeedM8 also has buttons and links to add to your blog, newsletter or email making it easier for your readers to get to your mobile site.

Here’s a quick demo on how to get your feed onto FeedM8 without signing up:

Just go to the website:

FeedM8 home page

Type in your blog’s feed URL and click “go”:

In a couple of seconds a mobile URL will appear for your subscribers can view your blog on their cell phones or PDAs:


Clicking on the mobile URL sends you to a mobile phone simulation so you can get a sense of how your blog will appear on a cell phone:


Then add your FeedM8 URL to your blog, website or even email:

FeedM8 Poles Apart Feed

You’ll notice that the Poles Apart Design Blog FeedM8 URL on this site (as seen in the image just above) is different from that on the third image above. If you sign up with FeedM8 through their Publisher Network, you get a nice semantic URL rather than a funky one. Sign up, it’s fast free and gets you access to all FeedM8 has to offer.