‘Tis the Season for A Website Makeover

December 27th, 2007 · No Comments · Category: Design and Development · Tools · Web Content · WordPress

In the previous article I talked about designing a Adding a Little Something Extra on Your Web Design from Head to Footer. Well, how about the in between too? It’s the end of the year and 2008 is literally around the corner, so why not give your website a fresh new look. Here are a few tips to make your website makeover a success:

  • Obtain a reliable and easy to use content management system if you don’t already have one. Using something like WordPress will make your site easy to maintain, update and makeover. A content management system is basically software that helps you easily add to, edit, update and maintain a website or blog. The user interface of a good CMS is often simple enough that you don’t need to know web coding to maintain your site. WordPress is one.
  • Freshen your logo. If you don’t yet have a stand out logo, now is the time. Hire a graphic designer with web experience. Make sure the logo also looks good in print as well as the web. Make it pop and reflective of you or your company. Make sure your logo does detract from the rest of the content on your web pages.
  • Add fresh dynamic content to your site. Maybe add a blog to your site. Or, if your site is a blog, add site feeds from other blogs that are dynamically updated. Or how about some rotating pictures, links, or relevant widgets (like the Blog Rush widget) on a sidebar. People like fresh new content when they’re visiting a site once or many times.
  • Dress up your footer as discussed in Adding a Little Something Extra on Your Web Design from Head to Footer and your header as discussed in an earlier article Wow Them With a Hot Header.
  • Change the color scheme of your site. Change the color of your body text, links and borders (if you use any). If your images don’t have borders, trying adding some. Just make sure that whatever color scheme you come up with makes sense and is cohesive. Check out this great site, Color Combinations, which provides color schemes, color palettes tools and tips.

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