Web 3.0 is Web 2.0 with Better Beta and More Accountability

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Web 2.0 is the Storm, Web 3.0 is the Calm

Web 2.0, this current generation of web technology and web attitudes is highly interactive and untamed. You can edit wiki pages (like on Wikipedia.org), comment on blogs, “mash” music, images and audio, create your own newsletters and even create videos and publish them all with suspiciously unregulated use of copyrighted content. All you really need to know as a new web business or a new web user is that the Web is now a platform on which to play, on which to create new ways of communication, new technologies and on which to celebrate amateur web developers, professional developers, and even hacks who make those fabulous (and usually free) plug-and-play plugins, widgets, and other do-dats, etc. for a much better web and more fun experience.

Web 2.0 is Firefox over Internet Explorer, participation over publishing, blogging over personal websites, tagging over directories and categories. Where Web 2.0 was the wild west for anyone and everything to be created, mashed together, destroyed, published, reviewed, ranked, digged, tagged, bookmarked, emailed, pinged and trackbacked, Web 3.0 will reel the madness in by bringing more structure to how information is received and sent through websites, making room for more accountability by the website owners and content generators (writers, developers, designers) and better beta for new technologies. The next generation of the Internet, according to some, will transform the web as platform into the web as a database (storing mounds of info for easy sorting and searching) with the same possibilities of the current generation just with higher quality of content. Whatever you call this next generation and however it’s defined, it will continue to be something remarkable, content driven, user oriented, technologically advance and still based on generating high web traffic for higher revenues, from ads or direct purchases by site visitors. The wild west of the web will be tamed, but still governed by the primitive, basic need to eat and feed. I reckon.

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