What Kind of Blogger are You?

March 4th, 2008 · No Comments · Category: Blogging

Yesterday I revived an old wordpress.com blog I let drift into obscurity. I decided to revive it because I needed an outlet for this particular topic. Anyway, this morning I thought, damn, now I have how many blogs to write for? I think having numerous blogs work for me because I like to write and blather on. But, I suspect not all bloggers like writing. Fortunately there are a few choices, or rather alternatives to article blogging like video blogging, link blogging, podcasting and photo blogging. What kind of blogger are you?

Article Blogger : : You’re a Blogger who likes to write

Of course there are many reasons why bloggers who blog articles do so and it’s not necessarily because they think writing is the cat’s meow. Writing is the most natural form of communication second to speaking I think so it makes sense that most bloggers post articles rather than other media. Still I suspect many of us who write articles and post them regularly on our own blogs and especially other people’s blogs do so because writing feels good. Unlike being a book author or a journalist (or being one exclusively) your work gets published more immediately and in many cases are more wide spread. As a writer in general (not just a blogger), I love the immediacy of writing, then self-publishing sans the bullsh*t that comes with going through publishers. (I know, I’ve work in book publishing for the last 5 years). Anyway, good blogging is part of the art of self-publishing.

Video Blogger : : You’re a Blogger who likes to be seen and/or likes to show

Video blogging is very popular these days and I imagine it’s for two reasons: people like to be in front of cameras and people like to see moving images. In a sense reality TV has spread on the Internet as reality video ala YouTube and all websites that are exclusively or partially geared toward personal video publishing. I myself hate being in the spotlight. If life’s a stage, I’d be a part of the crew, not the cast. Fortunately there are options to video blogging for extroverts and introverts alike. You can publish videos of yourself doing or talking about something. You can publish mini-movies. Perhaps you’re a filmmaker who likes editing and directing. Fortunately with the advent of the “mashup” you can find all sorts of bits and pieces of media with which to make a video.

Photo Blogger : : You’re a Blogger who like to show and likes to see

Photo blogging is for the visually oriented. Who doesn’t like looking at pretty or interesting photos, illustrations and the like. I know I do. In fact, I like creating and photographing them too. If you’re a photo blogger you tend to be creative and expressive it seems. Photo blogging is especially useful for artists who want to showcase their photography, illustrations or other art work online.

Link Blogging : : You’re not really a Blogger, are you?

Link Blogging exclusively seems a risky business since you’d have to constantly check for broken links. I don’t think many people actually link blog exclusively. Am I wrong? It seems more common though that those who post links and short excerpts and opinions about the link do so within the blogs they already run. Link blogging in this way is useful to share opinions and information quickly. Link blogging is also one way to keep your content fresh if you don’t have time to write a complete article.

Podcasting : : You’re an expressive talker

Podcasters seem like people you want to hear talk about interesting subjects. I imagine podcasting does for comedians what online video publishing does for filmmakers. Podcasting is excellent for people who know how to speak well or have expressive personalities that translate well with audio. Podcasting seems akin to the olden days of talk radio and not-so-olden days of audio books.

I wonder, are there any other types of bloggers out there? Am I missing any? Probably….

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