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A free self-hosted blog which means you have to have sign up with a web host yourself, but have complete control over how your blog functions, how it looks and in what search engines and directories it pops up in. And most importantly, your credibility as an artist is instantly hire because you’re seen as taking your blog and your art more seriously. And you have your own domain. Poles Apart Design Blog is a self-hosted WordPress.org blog because I’m a control freak and like to have complete control of how my blog looks, functions and gets seen by the world. Plus, i’m bent on world domination and don’t think anyone might take me seriously I had a worlddomination.wordpress.com domain. WordPress.org is your best bet for a free self-hosted blog. WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. Their words, not mine. But I agree completely! Drupal is another option though I find it much less intuitive than WordPress. Actually I find it very confusing. There’s also Movable Type which is a good alternative, but again not as intuitive as WordPress. I’m biased to WordPress and would marry WordPress if I could. You think I’m joking.

A fee based self-hosted or hosted blog from Square Space, Movable Type, Type Pad and Expression Engine. The fees are based monthly or per license. Monthly fees run from about $5 to about $30. License fees one from $99 for one user to about $800 for multiple users.

2. Next, set yourself up for online success by making a commitment to your soon to be burgeoning career by posting to your blog a couple of times a week, responding to comments, checking out other people’s blogs and commenting there. Check out forums too, and be active in at least one. The same schmoozing for patrons, buyers and admirers you’d do offline, do it online. Also, visit Problogger and The Blog Herald for indispensable tips for blogging and daily news from the blogosphere.

3. A blog-powered website is a great alternative if you want more static content but with dynamic elements. Let’s say you want a website and a blog attached, or you want the same dynamic elements of a blog but in a traditional website format, a blog-powered website would be a great choice. It’s also much easier to manage and maintain than a regular website if you’d want to maintain your site on your own. Browse polesapartdesign.com. It’s a blog-powered site.

4. Protect yourself from plagiarists. It’s difficult to protect images. There a couple of tricks like disabling right click option, watermarks, and replacing your images with transparent gifs when your image is downloaded. But, the savvy web user can figure out ways around any one of these. When you share your art work, you expose yourself to risks. But, trust me, the rewards outweigh the risks, significantly. As for written content, there are more options to stop or deter plagiarists from ripping of your written content because the web is based on written content and this how you search for things on the web anyway. Copyscape.com has a great search tool to find if your original written content is being used by someone else passing it as their own. WordPress has a couple of cool tools that put distinct marks on your articles so that when aggregated through RSS feeds, your copyright info pops up, and other tools to deter plagiarists. Find out more here.

Well, I think that’s about it. Get a blog you artistic devils, you’ll thank me for it!

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