Access your icons anywhere

TechBox is a next generation icon service that lets you create your own private icon library in the cloud that's accessible from your browser, desktop or inside of design apps like Photoshop.

Supports your favourite apps






Access from your Mac's desktop

Our Mac app gives you access to your TechBox library from the comfort of your desktop, allowing you to find and use icons without any hassle. Simply search for the icon you are looking for and then drag it onto the canvas of the design app you are working with. Our Mac app supports Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Pixelmator and many more.

OSX 10.7 minimum

Integrate into your Adobe apps

Our Adobe Creative Suite and Creative Cloud extensions let you intergrate TechBox right into your favourite Adobe design apps enabling you to browse and instantly access icons without leaving the app you are currently working in. Our Adobe Extension Supports Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign on both OSX and Windows operating systems.

Adobe CS5 minimum

Access to thousands of ready to use icons

As well as your own private icons, you'll also have access to TechBox's huge core library which is populated with thousands of ready to use, royalty free, vector icons. All of our core library icons come with our simple usage license which means you are free to use them without worrying about the need to credit authors or seeking additional permission.

A small sample of the huge core library. Some icons are paid plan only.




Flatties Vol 1

Flatties Vol 2

Flatties Vol 3

Smart, time saving features

TechBox is brimming with useful features that are designed to save time, improve your workflow and help make moving all of your icon sets up to the cloud as quick and painless as possible. Smart search tags, bulk uploads, custom collections and our icon prep tools are just a few of the awesome features you'll have access to.

Smart search

Smart search tags let you make precise targeted search requests allowing you to find the specific icons you are looking for without wasting a second of valuable design time.

Prep tools

As well as all of our connection software, you'll also get access to our time saving preperation tools. Designed to save you time and help you get your icons ready for TechBox.

Create Collections

Create your own custom collections with any of your favourite icons from your own private library and TechBoxs core library and easily access them using smart search tags.

Bulk uploads

Upload your favourite icon sets to your private TechBox library in minutes with our powerful bulk uploader. The bulk uploader allows you to upload in chunks of up to 100 icons at a time.